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Umeå Renewable Energy Meeting 2015

25-27 March 2015
Chemical Biological Centre KBC
KB3B1, Stora hörsalen
Umeå University, Sweden

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Registration of participation: 16 March 2015
Abstracts for poster presentations are still welcome until 16 March 2015! Selection for oral presentation is closed.


Day 1   Wednesday, 25 March 2015
Registration and poster hanging

Opening address
Christoffer Boman, Carlos Martin


Opening address
Hans Lindberg
Major, City of Umeå


Opening talk
Thomas B. Johansson
International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University, Sweden


10:35-11:00   Coffee break and poster viewing

Session 1: Renewable Feedstocks and Advanced Biomass Fuels
Chairperson: Sylvia Larsson


Biomass handling for valorisation: A shambolic crash between deficient science and headstrong construction
Michael Bradley

Director of The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology University of Greenwich


A triptych of new opportunities
Bengt "Nippe" Hylander
ÅF, Sweden

12:15-12:45   GM trees for commercial use - where are we?
Björn Sundberg

Stora Enso, Stockholm, Sweden

Hydrothermal treatment of lignocellulosic biomass for solid fuel applications

Mikko Mäkelä
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Umeå, Sweden


  Lunch and poster viewing

Session 2: Natural Photosynthesis
Chairperson: Christiane Funk

  Cyanobacteria:  from basic science to solar-powered catalysts for green chemistry
Wim Vermaas
Arizona State University, USA


The quantum design of solar-energy conversion in photosynthesis
Elisabet Romero

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands


  Coffee break and poster viewing
Session 2: Natural Photosynthesis (Cont.)
Chairperson: Johannes Messinger
  Simulating photosynthetic processes in Photosystem II by first principles
Leonardo Guidoni
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, University of L'Aquila, L'Aquila, Italy

  First-row transition metal oxides as catalysts for water oxidation: dynamic nature and parallels to the biological active site
Ivelina Zaharieva
Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

No interchange of the two substrate waters in the S2 → S3 transition of photosystem II
Håkan Nilsson

Department of Chemistry, Umeå University


  Mingle and poster session
  Conference dinner
Day 2   Thursday, 26 March 2015

Session 3: System Analysis and Bioeconomy
Chariperson: Runar Brännlund


Brent Sohngen
Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics
The Ohio State University, USA



Assessing the societal effects of promoting biomass growth and the use of bioenergy – a cost-benefit analysis
Tommy Lundgren

Umeå School of Business and Economics, Umeå University, Sweden


Next-generation biofuel production integrated with Swedish forest industry
Elisabeth Wetterlund

Luleå University of Technology, Luleå, Sweden


10:15-10:45   Coffee break and poster viewing

Session 4: Biochemical conversion
Chairperson: Leif Jönsson/Carlos Martin


10:45-11:30   Bioenergy: People, Planet, Profit, and Technology
Lee Lynd
Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth, USA


Second Generation Ethanol Production in Brazil – Present and Future Perspectives
Antonio Bonomi
Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory, Campinas-SP, Brazil


12:00-12:30   Towards improved biomass and bioprocessing properties of wood in poplar trees
Hannele Tuominen
Umeå Plant Science Center (UPSC), Sweden


Talk to be selected from abstracts (tbc)


12:45-14:00   Lunch and poster viewing

Session 5: Thermochemical conversion
Chairperson: Christoffer Boman


Alberto Gómez-Barea
University of Seville, Spain


14:45-15:15   Daniel Lindberg
Åbo Academi University, Finland

15:15-15:45   Coffee break and poster viewing

Session 5: Thermochemical conversion (Cont.)
Chairperson: Christoffer Boman

15:45-16:15   From theory to reality, some examples from the Domsjo Biorefinery
Björn Edström

Domsjö Fabriker, Sweden

16:15-16:30   Real-time in situ gas analysis using laser spectroscopy – examples from biomass combustion research
Florian Schmidt

Thermochemical Energy Conversion Laboratory (TEC-Lab), Applied Physics and Electronics, Umeå University, Sweden


Control of particulate emissions from biomass combustion
Jonathan Fagerström

Thermochemical Energy Conversion Laboratory, Umeå University, Sweden

18:00-23:00   Social activity with the invited speakers and poster contributors
Day 3   Friday, 27 March 2015
Session 6: Chemical-Catalytic Conversion
Chairperson: Jyri-Pekka Mikkola
8:30-9:15   Catalysis vs. biocatalysis in the service of biomass valorization for fine chemicals production
Vasile Parvulescu

Department of Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Catalysis, University of Bucharest, Romania

09:15-9:45   Contribution of ionic liquid and carbon dioxide technologies to green biorefineries
Rafal Lukasik

LNEG, Portugal
9:45-10:15   Heterogeneously catalyzed valorization of monoterpenes to high value-added chemicals
Mikhail Golets

Umeå University, Sweden/Åbo Akademi University, Finland


Catalytic upgrading of biomass extractives to fine chemicals over Supported Ionic Liquid Catalysts (SILCAs)
Eero Salminen
Åbo Akademi University, Finland

10:30-11:00   Coffee break and poster viewing
Session 7: Solar Fuels and Artificial Photosynthesis
Chairperson: Thomas Wågberg
11:00-11:45   Leif Hammarström
Uppsala University, Sweden


Molecular catalysis of the reduction of CO2 with iron(0) porphyrins
Marc Robert

Université Paris 7, France

12:15-12:30   Efficient electrocatalysts based on nitrogen-doped carbon nanostructures for water splitting reactions
Tiva Sharifi
Dept of Physics, Umeå University, Sweden

12:30-12:45   First Turnover Analysis of Water-Oxidation catalyzed by Co-oxide nano-particles
Sergey Koroidov

Department of Chemistry, Umeå University, Sweden
12:45-13:00   Talk selected from the abstracts
13:00-14:15   Lunch
Session 8: Closing session
Chairperson: Carlos Martin
14:15-14:45   Direct coupling of photosynthesis to ethanol production in cyanobacteria
Kerstin Baier
Algenol Biofuels Germany GmbH, Berlin, Germany

14:45-15:15   System Analysis in the Forest Chemistry project
Jonas Joelsson

SP Processum Sweden

15:15-16:00   60 years in photosynthesis, the pleasure of research
Pierre Joliot
Institut de biologie physico-chimique, Paris, France

  Concluding remarks


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