X-ray Crystallography Platform

From Molecules to Crystals to 3D Structures

X-Ray diffraction set-upThe X-ray Crystallography Facility at the Department of Chemistry and the Chemical Biology Center (KBC) provides crystallographic expertise and access to equipment and consumables.

Crystallization Service
Screening for crystallization conditions in 96-well plates using 6 commercially available precipitant screens.
Crystal observation and follow up evaluation
Optimization of initial hits

X-ray diffraction
Cryo-preservation of  crystals (vitrification) and cryo-storage
Initial diffraction tests
In-house data collection with the X8PROTEUM diffractionsystem (Bruker)
Structure determination
X-ray safety training
User training
Preparation for Synchrotron visits

Crystallization Robot
Crystallization experiments are performed using a mosquito® nanoliter high throughput pipetting robot.  


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Uwe Sauer, Associate Professor
X-ray - Crystallography Platform, Chemical Biological Centre KBC
901 87 Umeå 

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