Examples of NMR studies performed at the NMR platform

Dynamics of Adenylate Kinase upon AMP/ATP binding

Adenylate Kinase upon AMP / ATP binding
Ådén J, Wolf-Watz M (2007). NMR Identification of Transient Complexes Critical to Adenylate Kinase Catalysis. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 129, 14003-14012.

Structure determination of the Brazil nut allergen Ber e1

Tengel T, Alcocer MJC, Schleucher J, Larsson G (2005). Complete Assignment and Secondary Structure of the Brazil Nut Allergen Ber e1. Journal of Biomolecular NMR, 32(4), 336.

Carbon Biogeochemistry in Frozen Soil

13C NMR spectra of 13C-labelled soil samples show that soil microorganisms grow under frozen conditions, refuting the previous assumption that only catabolism occured.

Harrysson-Drotz et al., (2010) PNAS 107, 21046-210515


Easy -Roesy Spectrum
Thiele CM, Petzold K, Schleucher J (2009). EASY ROESY: Reliable Cross-Peak Integration in Adiabatic Symmetrized ROESY. Chemistry - A European Journal, 15(3), 585-588.

ROESY spectrum of an oligosaccharide with a new pulse sequence developed at the NMR facility. The red off-diagonal peaks give intramolecular distance information, essential for structure determination by NMR.

MAS 31P NMR on ex-vivo mitochondria

Sani M-A, Keech O, Gardeström P, Duforc EJ, Gröbner G (2009). Magic-angle phosphorous NMR of functional mitochondria: in situ monitoring of lipid response under apoptotic-like stress. FASEB Journal, 23(9), 2872-2878.

Characterization of plant cell walls using 2D NMR spectroscopy and multivariate data analysis

2D 1H-13C HSQC spectra of dissolved wood can be used together with multivariate data analysis to study differences in secondary cell wall composition and structure between different genotypes of wood species or in different types of wood tissue.

Hedenström M, Wiklund-Lindström S, Öman T, Lu F, Gerber L, Schatz P, Sundberg B, Ralph J (2010). Identification of Lignin and Polysaccharide Modifications in Populus Wood by Chemometric Analysis of 2D NMR Spectra from Dissolved Cell Walls. Molecular Plant, 2(5), 933-942.

Fragment based drug discovery through NMR screening

NMR metabolomics

Lundstedt T, Hedenström M, Soeria-Atmadja D, Hammerling U, Gabrielsson J, Olsson J, Trygg J (2010). Dynamic modelling of time series data in nutritional metabonomics - A powerful complment to randomized clinical trials in functional food studies. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 104, 112-120.

Structure determination of hydrogenated Fullerenes

Structure determination of hydrogenated fullerenes presents a major challenge as a result of the vast number of possible structural isomers. INADEQUATE together with other 2D NMR experiments was used to determine the structure of the major isomer of C70H36 synthesized from a high-pressure hydrogenation.

Wågberg T, Hedenström M, Talyzin AV, Sethson I, Tsybin YO, Purcell JM, Marshall AG, Noréus D, Johnels D (2008). Synthesis and Structural Characterization of C70H38. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 47, 2796-2799

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