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Scientific Infrastructures at KBC

Activities and support of the scientific Infrastructures at KBC are coordinated by the KBC Board, the "KBC group". The core facilities and technical platforms provide research projects at Umeå University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU, Umeå) with state of the art methods and equipment. The infrastructures give regularly courses for both PhD students and postdocs.

During 2012 representatives from KBC group and infrastructures at KBC evaluated the organisation of the scientific infrastructures at KBC. The group presented a proposal for re-organisation and new definitions for the infrastructures, which was later in fall 2012 approved by KBC group.

The new definitions Core Facility, Technical Platform, User Group are based on the infrastructure’s availability, management and internal organisation, participation in teaching, service and boking system, economy, and follow-up as detailed below. The following definitions are now valid for KBC infrastructures.

More information is found about the each core facility in its own webpage you can select in the menue to the left.

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