Cryo-EM sample preparation and data collection 14-16 May 2018, at UCEM, KBC

SciLifeLab Course organised at the national Cryo-EM facility at Umeå Core Facility for Electron Microscopy (UCEM), 14-16 May 2018. Application deadline 15 April.

The purpose of the course is to prepare and train Cryo-EM facility users in sample preparation methods, introduce users to the image data acquisition workflow, expand knowledge about cryo-EM methods among Swedish researchers and finally show that everyone can learn how to use cryo-EM. This course will cover practical aspects of cryo-EM sample preparation, data acquisition and image processing.

This course is a national course, addressed to current and potential facility users such as PhD students, postdocs, researchers and other employees within the life sciences at all Swedish universitys and research institutes, who are curious about structure biology and will profit from new cryo-EM skills.

The course will be held in Umeå at KBC, UCEM, Cryo-EM Facility at Umeå University.

Topics covered will include:

  • Basic theory of vitreous water, how to handle a cryo sample and pitfalls
  • Plunge freezing methods, tools and cryo-transfer
  • Sample and instrument requirements for single particle methods and tomography
  • Image data acquisition, concept of low dose and the cryo-specific workflow
  • Introduction to automatic data acquisition software, EPU, Tomography and SerialEM
  • Introduction to cryo-EM image processing methods

More information & application: of SciLifeLab)

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