Thin Film Deposition technology (Physical Vapor Deposition), 5-7 December 2018 (1.5 ECTS)

Course Instructor: Roushdey Salh, Department of Physics, Umeå University

Course description:

Physical Vapor Deposition technology (sputtering, evaporation, etc.), abbreviated as PVD technology, offers interesting applications for products of our everyday life, like coatings on glass, metals, polymers, ceramics etc.

This interesting technology has proven to be able to create enormous supplementary value to many products. Therefore it is in wide use in many fields such as; optical coatings, photovoltaic, semiconductor, photo electrochemical cells, optoelectronic, flat panel displays, data storage, super capacitor, gas sensors and many others. Thin Film Deposition technology can well be regarded as the major key to the creation of devices such as computers, since microelectronic solid-state devices are all based on material structures created by the deposition techniques.

In this course the following topics will be explained: Explanation of PVD technology in general, general characteristics, possibilities and limitations of PVD technology, Different kind of processes within PVD technology (sputtering, cathodic arc, reactive sputtering, and evaporation).

Besides the course participants will have the opportunity to make their own experience on thermal evaporation. The course includes a full day of practical training. The training will be performed in small groups, maximum 2 participants per time, to give every participant the chance to test all the borders of the thermal evaporation procedure.

The training will be on: Kurt J. Lesker PVD 75 Thermal Evaporator.

Course Vision

  • To be able to use any thermal evaporator.
  • To get a complete overview of the evaporation parameters.
  • To be able to control a deposition process towards a perfect thin film.

Course Date:
5-7 December 2018

Link to the registration form:
For more information contact the course instructor.


Registration deadline: 3 December 2018

Qualifications required:
The participant must have attended cleanroom technology course. The training will be in the cleanroom.

MSc students, PhD students and post-doctored.
The course is developed for people who are relatively new in the deposition technology and for people planning to improve their skills in thermal evaporation.

On demand (English or Swedish)
Participants receive 1.5 ECTS credits for completing the course.

Number of participants
Limited to only 8 participants/course, a minimum of 2 participants. Priority will be given to participate with a long term PVD75 using plan.

Course layout
Day 1; Full day lectures.
Part I : introduction to physical vapor deposition (PVD) and the theory of thin film deposition by thermal evaporation.
Part II: Software and techniques of the PVD75 thermal evaporator.
Day 2; Full day practice.
Training of 4 participants in two shifts (2 participants per time)
Day 3; Full day practice.
Training of 4 participants in two shifts (2 participants per time)

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