Welcome to the traditional KBC GRILLFEST (KBC Family Barbecue)!

Thursday 14 June, from 16:00
On the meadows in front of the Technology building

Come and meet your colleagues from KBC!

Please, bring your own food to grill! KBC will organise some basics (barbecues and charcoal, bread, drinks, mustard …). Bring some games like boules, Kubb etc. We are planning nice activities for kids (bouncy castle…)! 

To make the planning for us easier:

Please, show you interest in coming latest on Wednesday the 7th June 13:00 by registering here.

Do you want to get involved (e.g. by helping with setting up the tables, taking care about the grills, organising brännball match, etc.)? Or do you have ideas for fun activities?

Please, contact Hardy Hall at hardy.hall@umu.se

Anna Shevtsova and Anne Honsel at ​info.kbc@umu.se

All help and ideas are welcome!

Red dot indicates location of KBC grillfest 2018

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