Second Interdisciplinary Lunch Pitch

[2016-11-20] To promote meetings between researchers from different places or disciplines, Icelab organises interdisciplinary research lunches with the vision to let ideas meet and mate.

Speakers on the 29 November:

Joacim RocklövJoacim Rocklöv
Associate Professor in Epidemiology, Umeå Centre for Global Health Research & Unit of Epidemiology and Global Health.
"How to quantify dynamic risks of tropical infectious outbreaks in temperate zones using global mobility data?"

Magnus AnderssonMagnus Andersson
Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Biophysics and Biophotonics group
Title: "3D-printed microenvironments: cell adhesion studies, plant on a chip assays, evolutionary studies, microfluidics, … and your ideas!"

IceLab will provide GN Catering’s best sandwiches to support the interested scientist to meet and spend their lunch together in a fun and productive atmosphere.

If you are interested to present a lunch pitch, please contact the organiser and contact person: Martin Rosvall, director of Icelab,

IceLab is located at third floor in Naturvetarhuset A, straight across from the skywalk to Universum.More about IceLabSign up for a sandwich (latest by 28 November, 12:00)

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