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[2016-11-06] Creative research ideas are often formed during informal meetings such as lunch breaks at conferences. To promote these important meetings between researchers from different places or disciplines, Icelab launches interdisciplinary research lunches with the vision to let ideas meet and mate.

Martin Rosvall, organiser for the lunch pitches, will open the new series. His meta pitch will be about the opportunities and challenges of generating and developing ideas beyond disciplinary boundaries. The second speaker will be Stefan Björklund, professor at the department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Starting on November 15, every other Tuesday at 12:00 lunchtime, two researchers will present open problems in their research in five-minute-pitches, reaching out for complementing expertise and collaboration.

Martin Rosvall

“We look forward to seeing a diverse and interactive crowd in IceLab”, says Martin Rosvall, director of IceLab.  “IceLab will provide GN Catering’s best sandwiches and we will spend our lunch together in a fun and productive atmosphere. Together we can open new avenues for research at the university”.

If you like to participate, please register for a free sandwich here (before 14 November 12.00).

If you have an open problem that you want to pitch, please contact Martin Rosvall, director of Icelab,

Stefan Björklund

IceLab conducts interdisciplinary research, training, and education at the intersection of physics, mathematics, social sciences, and life sciences. It has about 20 full-time lab members with a broad range of different backgrounds contributing to a unique research environment.

IceLab is located at third floor in Naturvetarhuset A, straight across from the skywalk to Universum.More about IceLabSign up for a sandwich
Pictures: Elin Berge, Mattias Pettersson

Editor: Eva-Maria Diehl

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