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CafeteriaSix departments and two research units at Umeå university (UmU) and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) are forming one large multidisciplinary research centre: The Chemical Biological Centre (KBC- Kemiskt Biologiskt Centrum). Around 850 people are collaborating in a positive and creative environment in research and teaching.


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Depts. of Plant Physiology (UmU) and Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology (SLU)

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The Core Facilities and technical platforms are supporting the scientists in their research projects.

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Barents Summer School 21-26 June 2015 Abisko

Barents summer school is a PhD-course arranged in collaboration between the universities of Umeå, Oulu, Tromsø and Archangelsk. The hosting university of 2015 is Umeå university, Sweden. The course is managed by the Climate Impacts Research Centre (CIRC) at the department of Ecology and Environmental Science (EMG) and the Arctic Research Centre at Umeå university (ARCUM).
TATAA Biocenter qPCR course 12-13 May 2015, Umeå
Welcome to a 2-days theoretical qPCR course organised by UPSC.
Place: KBCF30, KBC building, Umeå University
Course leader: Robert Sjöback, TATAA Biocenter
Number of participants: 30 persons.
Fee: 2350 SEK / participant
Note! Registration is binding. First preference is given to UPSC members and in the second place members of KBC departments.

Course schedule
Registration form (deadline for registration 30 April 2015)

Contact person and organiser: Ingela Sandström, UPSC, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Quick and clean: Python for biological data processing -1 ECTS
For the first time the Computational Life Science Cluster CLIC is organising a course in Python.

Date: 27 -29 April 2015 at KBC (place tba later)

Instructor: Sergiu Netotea, PhD, Postdoc at CLiC and BILS, Department of Chemistry Umeå University, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Registration by registration form
Course fee: 2700:- SEK incl fika to be paid by invoice )
Details about the course: Syllabus for download
Information about the course for download
Course in TEM and SEM- 1 ECTS
Basic Course in Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy  - 1 ECTS
Date: 22-24 April 2015
Location: KBF31 KBC,  Laboratory demonstrations at UCEM, KBC Building, 5th/6th Floor and Molbiol
Registration is closed.

This course covers fundamental theory and operational principles as well as specimen preparation techniques for scanning and transmission electron microscopy (SEM/TEM). The course will include both lectures and laboratory demonstrations. The TEM laboratory session will only focus on biological samples while the SEM session covers both biological and materials science samples.
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